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The website is always being updated to capture things that we hadn't thought of before, so please check this page regularly, knowing that it is always in process.

Donations can be dropped off, Tuesday through Saturday at Trinity Reformed UCC, 60 N Hanover St, Pottstown between 9:00 am and noon. All other times are by appointment only.

Please call 610-455-5333 to schedule a drop-off.

OUR NEEDS for the 2019/2020 Shelter Season:

Our Most Urgent Needs:

* Monetary Donations (click HERE to contribute)

* Overnight Staff;
* Pillows;
* Bottled Water;
* Decaffeinated Coffee; and
* Sugar.

* Overnight Staff Volunteers to stay at night.
* Volunteers to Serve Food (am and pm);
* Volunteer Drivers to pick up folks and return them (am, pm and weekends);
* Volunteer Admin Staff to help coordinate the above areas as well;
* Launderers

Click HERE to Volunteer.

* Pillows
* Flat Sheets (Right now we have enough of this item)
* Twin Size Fitted Sheets (Right now we have enough of this item)
* Warm Blankets (Right now we have enough of this item)

We want to provide healthy items, and will be coordinated on a daily/weekly basis.

(Remember, over the summer months, we only except non-perishables. We except all listed items during Shelter Operations, beginning November and continuing through April.)

* Dry Goods that need no refrigeration to be stored;
* Oatmeal;
* Boxed Cereal;
* Pop Tarts;
* Crackers;
* Pretzels;
* Individual Puddings;
* Packaged Soup;
* Canned Soup;
* Coffee (decaf only);
* Powdered Creamer;
* Sugar;
* Splenda packs;
* Bottled Water, and
* Bottled Fruit Juice

Paper Product Donations
We are also in need of...
* bathroom tissue,
* paper towels,
* Hot cups (we are trying to not use Styrofoam),
* plastic spoons, forks, and
* napkins.

Personal Care Items (Not Accepting at This Time.)
* Toothbrushes
* Toothpaste
* Mouthwash (no alcohol based mouthwash)
* Soaps (small & large)
* Deodorant (men's & women's)
* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Disposable Razors
* Combs & Brushes

Establishing a Home Donations
* Cell Phones Airtime Minutes
- This has become a need to help secure employment and in securing a residence
for those without a home and address.
* Gift Cards to WalMart, Target, Giant, Redners, etc. for securing housewares.

Monetary Donations
* You can also Contribute Financially Online, through our secured Donate Online page; or by
* Writing a Check to "The Ministries at MAIN Street"

Click Here to visit our Donation Page.

Your contributions to Still Waters' Shelter Ministry are Tax Deductible.

Again, thanks for your interest in helping our friends within the homeless community.

Blessings to you friend,
Still Waters Church & the Ministries at MAIN St

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